The S stands for Simple

Pete Lacey Weblog made me laugh today. In his hilarious article "The S stands for Simple" shows how all the Web Services specifications and SOAP in particular has become so complex and unusable as people once criticized CORBA was. At least CORBA is object-oriented, and has a far more efficient on the wire protocol (and much more better things, let me say). I really love the part on:

SOAP Guy: Well, just like it says in the name, SOAP is used for accessing remote objects.

Developer: Like CORBA?

SG: Exactly like CORBA, only simpler. Instead of some complex transport protocol that no one will let traverse a firewall, we use HTTP. And instead of some binary message format we use XML.

Dev: I’m intrigued. Show me how it works.

SG: Sure thing. First there’s the SOAP envelope. It’s pretty simple. It’s just an XML document consisting of a header and a body. And in the body you make your RPC call.

Dev: So this is all about RPCs?

SG: Absolutely. As I was saying, you make your RPC call by putting the method name and its arguments in the body. The method name is the outermost element and each sub-element is a parameter. And all the parameters can be typed as specified right here in Section 5 of the specification.


Dev: (Reads XML Schema spec). Saints preserve us! Alexander the Great couldn’t unravel that.


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