Ph.D. LaTeX source code spiral

Ph.D. LaTeX source code spiral, originally uploaded by dsevilla.

As of today. 191 pages (and counting).

I used Perl SVG module to generate a 60MB .svg file, that no program I had was able to render. I had to split it into 12 files of about 5MB each, that could be rendered by Inkscape into 12 PNG files of about 6MB each. Using The Gimp I was able to merge them all, but with 3G of memory I had to clean the Undo history each step if I didn't want the memory to run out...

Sigh. Hope to finish it soon... Each chapter is in a different color (starting from the center), and it is not still finished, but pretty much. It is hardly readable, but it is also this way in printed form :P

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