Mamiya Super 23 polaroid tribute

Mamiya Super 23 polaroid tribute, originally uploaded by dsevilla.

Polaroid Land Camera 250 + Close-up kit + Fuji FP-100c + SL-3 flash.

This beauty came to me a few days back, and I felt in love with it. I'm eager to see the film developed through it.

This is a Rangefinder Mamiya Press Super 23 with a Mamiya-Sekor 90mmf/3.5 collapsible (to allow near infinity focusing when tilting the back) with a 6x7 120/220 back. In the speedlight hood, the Voigtländer VC meter.

I'm amazed at the quality of the close-up kit setup for the land camera. In big size you can see sharply even the lens description...

Strobist note: I used an old "SL-3" flash bounced to the right white wall.

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