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Yashica 635 + Fuji RAP 100F + +1 close-up lens.

In the same series as the previous one with the P67. A little bit overexposed, but I like it this way. I can't think of a title right now...


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Last (and only) snow of the season I took my mother for a walk to see the snow. She feels alone since we lost my father thirteen years ago. I love to share these moments with her, and I like the way she's not looking at me, and thinking on her own things.

Norita 66 + Noritar80/2 + Fuji RAP 100F slide film.


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WOW! How long! I almost forgot how to upload photos on Flickr :) I'm sorry for the delay. My computer broke, and I lost all my recent (digital) photos... Curiously, the only ones I still have are those analog negatives I usually shoot :)

It took me some time to configure again things, sort out negs, etc., but I hope to be uploading a little bit more from now on.