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Ph.D. LaTeX source code spiral

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Ph.D. LaTeX source code spiral, originally uploaded by dsevilla.

As of today. 191 pages (and counting).

I used Perl SVG module to generate a 60MB .svg file, that no program I had was able to render. I had to split it into 12 files of about 5MB each, that could be rendered by Inkscape into 12 PNG files of about 6MB each. Using The Gimp I was able to merge them all, but with 3G of memory I had to clean the Undo history each step if I didn’t want the memory to run out…

Sigh. Hope to finish it soon… Each chapter is in a different color (starting from the center), and it is not still finished, but pretty much. It is hardly readable, but it is also this way in printed form :P

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  1. Dos preguntas:

    1. ¿Seguro que el GIMP no podía con 12 capas de 6MiB a la vez? Me parece algo extraño, no sé, aunque nunca he trabajado con ficheros tan grandes… ¿De qué manera alineaste los trozos de nuevo?

    2. ¿Qué entorno de edición estás usando para escribir en LaTeX?

    Comment by Bilk — 1/7/2008 @ 1:58

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