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¿Anti-spam? ¡¡WP-Morph 1.5!!

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Al actualizar a WordPress 2 me di cuenta que empezaron a llegar correo spam. Me di cuenta entonces de que hay que cambiar WP-Morph mínimamente. También ahora WP-Morph sólo actúa en comentarios, no en pingbacks ni en trackbacks. He aquí la nueva versión 1.5 con sus instrucciones de instalación:

* instrucciones

* Plugin

* Directorio

When updated to WordPress I started receiving spam again. I realized I had to change WP-Morph a little bit to cope with this new version. Also, WP-Morph now only checks comments, neither pingbacks nor trackbacks. Here is version 1.5:

* Installation instructions

* Plugin

* Plugin directory


  1. Todavía no actualicé a la 2.0, pero en cuanto me ponga será el primer plugin que instale. No he visto mejor anti-spam que éste. Lo recomiendo a todo el mundo por todos los sitios. Desde que me lo puse, nada más sacaste la primera versión, el spam desapareció por completo. ¡Genial trabajo! :D

    Comment by WiZaRd_ — 30/12/2005 @ 13:26

  2. Que tal la actualización? Todo correcto y en su sitio? Algun problema destacable?

    Nos vemos!

    Comment by ZiRRuS — 30/12/2005 @ 14:26

  3. Zirrus,

    es curioso, pero… ni un solo problema.


    Comment by Diego Sevilla — 30/12/2005 @ 20:57

  4. ¿No sería mejor llamar a esta versión ‘2.0′ para que no hubiera confusiones?

    Comment by Felipe — 1/1/2006 @ 22:51

  5. Felipe:

    Pues quizá sí. De todas maneras, como sabes, la versión es lo de menos. Además, el plugin ahora (en su última versión) funciona con todas las versiones de Wordpress.


    Comment by Diego Sevilla — 1/1/2006 @ 23:12

  6. Hey, I just tried to comment to my own blog while logged in and I got an error message telling me that I couldn’t post without JavaScript enabled. I’m in Firefox for OSX–any idea why this is happening? It doesn’t seem to happen to any other site visitors, as others can leave comments. Any thoughts?

    Comment by ThePete — 12/2/2006 @ 20:31

  7. Hi, ThePete:

    First of all, really thanks for using WP-Morph. Well, I really don’t know what your problem could be. I kind of remember that some users had some problems with MacOSX, but unfortunately I don’t have any such distribution to test. However, using Firefox it is strange that you get those errors.

    Have you updated to the lattest revision? I fixed some minor JavaScript portability issues some time ago. Note also that the time to comment is limited to 15 minutes. Perhaps some of these have to do with your comments failing to pass.

    In the future, I think it would be nice for the plugin to have a “debug” option showing what it gets and what it is expecting. But at the time I’m really busy to think of doing this. Please, if you have knowledge of programming, that would be like a very nice addition to WP-Morph.


    Comment by Diego Sevilla — 13/2/2006 @ 20:23

  8. Thanks, Diego–the 15 minute limit is exactly what it is. Is there any way to extend that?

    Comment by ThePete — 13/2/2006 @ 23:49

  9. ThePete:

    The time limit is included by functioning. That is, a time limit is neccessary by this plugin because of how it is done. You can extend the time limit, however. The number of minutes the plugin maintains the validity of the form is just the first variable in the plugin text. You can see now it’s 15. If you put it 30 minutes, for example, that will allow you to have the needed time window.

    Hope this helps,

    Comment by Diego Sevilla — 14/2/2006 @ 0:04

  10. Yes, indeed, Diego! Much appreciated!! I actually really like the idea that there is a time limit for commenting. I may just leave it at 15 minutes. My apologies if you mentioned this limit in the plugin, itself. My only advice would be to change the JS error message to reflect that it may be a time-issue and not a real error with not having JS enabled. Just a suggestion!! Ignore at will. :)

    Thanks again! Awesome plugin–it should be built in to WP, as far as I’m concerned!

    Comment by ThePete — 14/2/2006 @ 1:05

  11. Well, what can I say? Thanks!


    Comment by Diego Sevilla — 16/2/2006 @ 0:33

  12. Muchas gracias! como siempre impecable :)

    Comment by Sergio — 19/4/2006 @ 15:40

  13. Sergio,

    Me alegro de que te sea de utilidad!

    Un abrazo,

    Comment by Diego Sevilla — 19/4/2006 @ 20:25

  14. No he probado el plugin. Creo que lo de filtrar los spammer por el javascript es una gran idea pero en nuestro blog la mayor cantidad de de spam viene por trackback y comentas que has deactivado el filtrado de trackbacks y pingbacks.

    ¿Hay alguna razón para esto?

    Comment by O Doutor — 24/5/2006 @ 10:37

  15. O Doutor:

    No es que a propósito deshabilite este tipo de trackbacks, sino que por cómo funciona el plugin, todavía no tengo muy claro que estos pingbacks y trackbacks siga funcionando. Tengo que revisarlo de nuevo, pero cuando tenga un poco de tiempo :( Es el problema de que este no sea mi trabajo ni que trabaje en cosas parecidas…

    Un saludo,

    Comment by Diego Sevilla — 24/5/2006 @ 20:32

  16. Ale… uno más que usa Wp-morph.

    Comment by Miguel Manzano — 10/8/2006 @ 22:16

  17. Acaban de actualizar el servidor a php5.2 y mi blog se queda en blanco a no ser que desactive este plugin
    ¿Hay alguna incompatibilidad?

    Comment by lbarriocanal — 31/12/2006 @ 18:49

  18. En 3 días más de 200 comentarios de spam desde que no me funciona el wp-morph.
    Diego ¿algún arreglo para php 5.0.2?

    Comment by lbarriocanal — 3/1/2007 @ 20:50

  19. “Acaban de actualizar el servidor a php5.2 y mi blog se queda en blanco a no ser que desactive este plugin
    ¿Hay alguna incompatibilidad?”

    A mi tambien me paso!!!, no hay errores en el error_log del apache, gracias de antemano

    Comment by Jhonny Cash — 8/2/2007 @ 8:49

  20. lbarriocanal, tuve el mismo problema y volví a php4 con un click del ratón gracias al servicio de DreamHost. Ahora leo esto que puede darte una idea de por dónde viene el problema, he vuelto a php5 y ya no tengo ese problema:

    Many of you have noticed that in the last 24 hours that your Mediawiki,
    WordPress, or Zen Cart install was not working inexplicably. Customers may have
    found either internal server errors or completely blank pages. This is due to a
    problem we had with a PHP5/Zend Optimizer upgrade. Although we had tested the
    upgrade, and had upgraded to a small set of servers first, a problem occurred
    and it came to our attention that the upgrade had upset the operations of these

    We are in the process of downgrading PHP5 and Zend Optimizer right now. The
    majority of our servers are now successfully downgraded, but it will be about 20
    minutes to a half an hour before everyone is completely fixed. We will be
    investigating the cause of the errors, as well as the events that led up to the
    system-wide problem so that this will never happen again.

    We apologize for any inconvenience the upgrade may have caused. Please contact
    support if your site is affected and is not up and running due to this issue
    within 30 minutes. We thank you for your patience.

    Comment by Juanjo — 8/2/2007 @ 18:14

  21. Gracias, Juanjo. Se lo comenté a mi proveedor y reinstaló php y todos sus complementos, pero el plugin sigue sin funcionar.

    Comment by lbarriocanal — 14/4/2007 @ 8:42

  22. Grande, Diego!

    Muchas gracias por la idea y por el trabajo

    Comment by Blogabundo — 2/8/2007 @ 12:07

  23. Oye… y aunque me repita… Que gracias

    Tenía un agujero en la web que entraba SPAM cada 5 minutos… conseguí bloquearlo con las listas negras por IP (menos mal…) pero con WP-MORPH ha sido visto y no visto (literalmente)

    Ale… buenas vacaciones.

    Comment by Blogabundo — 3/8/2007 @ 8:57

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